Product Design & Development


PRODUCT: With over two decades of experience, we provide solutions from product concept through to design and manufacture, at cost effective prices and within the shortest time to the market. Our approach is in developing unique, original products that combine aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability. Our aim is to make your product vision into a serviceable and marketable reality.

DESIGN: Original, innovative products require a comprehensive design approach. At PDDPS we combine creative design with engineering to optimize development of your product. We examine style, use, ergonomics and function, at the same time, assessing materials, best manufacturing processes and costs.

Our expertise in reverse engineering involves analysis of a product to determine its design and operation. We employ this process as a key function for the purpose of duplicating, re-designing, or improving products, which helps to create equal opportunities for companies who do not have the budgets of major corporations. This method can also avoid the costly procedure of preparing drawings or documentation.

DEVELOPMENT: The results of the Design process often presents improved development solutions on existing products which surpasses competitors. At the same time, it provides information and documentation used to analyze infringement on patent rights and possible claims analysis.

We provide new product development services to an ever increasing client base. Utilizing partner experience, we can design, develop, prototype and manufacture your electronics, develop the associated software, source appropriate displays and interfaces, ensure fit for purpose including CE, UL, EMC, WEEE, etc., patent protect and assemble into appropriately designed and manufacture enclosures.

PRODUCTION: Manufacturing solutions are the cornerstones of today’s companies encompassing multiple disciplines, such as Automobile, Aerospace, High-Tech and Retail. Global manufacturing is rapidly changing, with companies needing to find efficient supply-chain networks at competitive pricing. PDDPS’s extensive experience within the industry, together with our distinctive domain knowledge, enables our team to provide resource optimization and deliver manufacturing industry solutions customized to achieve your business goals.

Product Evaluation
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