Providing Dynamic Development for Product Success

PDDPS offers over 20 years of extensive, practical experience in Conceptual Design, Trade-off Analysis, Reverse Engineering, as well as Complete Product Development Services and Manufacturing Services.

Our product designers and manufacturing services teams focus is on delivering Product Design and Contract Manufacturing to companies, entrepreneurs and inventors, offering a service that is ordinarily inaccessible to smaller businesses. Specialized Product Design, Product Designers and Engineering Teams at PDDPS design products and product packaging to meet your specific needs. By assisting our clients to design products, then to development and manufacture of their products, we provide expertise ranging from electronics manufacturing services of PCB assemblies, cabling, plastics, metals to other custom parts and sub-systems to achieve affordable, cost effective, user desirable complete, finished products.

Whether local or overseas manufacturing, PDDPS opens affordable, global access and partnerships for Product Design, Development and Production Solutions.